Sunday School

Adult Bible Fellowships

First Baptist Church’s Adult Bible Fellowship Classes are offered on Sunday mornings from 9-10am. There are a wide variety of classes that target the different stages in our lives. These ministries provide adults with small group setting for relationship building, mutual support, and practical Bible study.

  • College & Career Singles – Room 170
  • Conquerors (all ages) – Chapel
  • Women’s Class – Library
  • Ambassadors (middle age adults and older) – Room 124
  • Bethel (senior adults) – Room 159
  • Homebuilders (married adults with children) – Room 122
  • Encouragers (young married adults) – Choir Warm-up Room
  • Torchbearers (all ages) – Room 126


Babyland offers a clean and secure environment surrounded by church approved child-care workers who dedicate thier attention on each and every child. While you and the rest of your family attend services, you can be confident that your child is safe and cared-for in a positive, Bible-focused setting. With our nursery pager system you will be notified in the event of any emergency your child might encounter and personally attended to by one of our friendly staff. The Babyland nursery is located in the main lobby of the church, next to the Carey Reception Room.

  • Sleepers (0-8 months)
  • Creepers (9-17 months)
  • Leapers (18-26 months)
  • Toddlers (2-3 years old)

Children Learning Centers

First Baptist Church believes that family is a gift from God and that children and young people are a precious responsibility. Learning Centers are part of the FBC Sunday School program offered Sunday mornings 9-10am. They are a place to feel comfortable and secure about your children’s learning and environment. Learning centers offer your children graded groups from the nursery through senior high school. Our curriculum is Bible-based and Christ-centered to present practical, life building applications and absolute values for guidance in a confusing world. Special attention is given to the needs at different developmental stages in your child’s life. Our goal is a nurturing environment to intimately and compassionately instill integrity, humility, and joy, the very qualities of Christ Himself.

There are four age groups and two groups make up our Youth Ministry. Each group meets for a combined opening group time with other ages in their group and follow with divided class time with specific activities for that specific age group. For more information about our Children Learning Centers and locations, please visit our welcome center during regular church services.

Beginners & Kindergarten


  • Opening Group Time (both groups) – Room 108
  • Beginners (4 years old) – Room 108
  • Kindergarten – Room 106

Primary Department


  • Opening Group Time (both groups) – Room 110
  • First Grade – Room 109/110
  • Second Grade – Room 116

Middler Department


  • Opening Group Time (both groups) – Room 109
  • Third & Fourth Grade Girls – Teacher’s Lounge
  • Third & Fourth Grade Boys – Room 114

Junior Department


  • Opening Group Time (both groups) – Room 204
  • Fifth & Sixth Grade Girls – Room 204
  • Fifth & Sixth Grade Boys – Room 202

Youth Department

The First Baptist Church Youth Ministry offers learning and serving opportunities for grades 7-8 and 9-12 separately. Grades 7-8 meet in Room 201 and Grades 9-12 meet in our dedicated youth room. Learn more about our Youth Ministry here.

Get Involved

We encourage you and your family to get involved in the ministries of First Baptist Church. Feel free to contact the church with any questions or concerns you have concerning our Sunday School ministries and we would be glad to offer our support. Contact the church at 440-458-5128, via email at, or visit our welcome center located in the main lobby during regular church services.