Congrats! You are our $50 gift card winner! In order to claim your gift card please fill out the information below. Once your information is received we will contact you to verify you qualify. Please keep your winning post card received at the Elyria Memorial Day Parade for verification purposes. If you do not have the winning QR code at the time of receipt you may be disqualified. Thanks for participating in the Memorial Day Parade Scan & Win contest! Winner must fill out below information by Tuesday, May 31, 2017 at noon. 

*****There is one winning post card to be handed out randomly at the Elyria Memorial Day Parade. The holder of this original, non-photocopied, post card, and the first to fill out the information on this submission page will be eligible for the $50 Gift Card. If more than one person fills out the submission form on this web page, foul play will be assumed and the winner will be determined as the person who is in possession of the original, non-photocopied scan and win post card handed out by First Baptist Church of Elyria at the Elyria Memorial Day Parade. Chances of winning are 1 in 3000.