Care Groups at First

We will resume care groups on January 10th 2024 through April 10th 2024


What are Care Groups?

Our Care Groups ministry is designed to give our church family more opportunities to grow, encourage, get to know, pray for, and care for one another. These in-home groups will include sermon-based discussions, including questions from our Sunday morning services.

Why Care Groups?

Care Groups will allow for additional time to intentionally grow in our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ here at First Baptist. While our times in church can give us chances to interact throughout the building, we often do not find ourselves able to find or make the time to sit down and fellowship. We sometimes struggle to meet with others and have the opportunity to build each other up. Care Groups will give us those important, connecting times… To discuss God’s Word together. To pray with one another. To allow our families to fellowship around each other. To be accountable to one another. To connect with and serve each other.

What will the Evening Look like?

Each night of Care Groups will have three main aspects of the evening together:

Care: This time is designed to fellowship and interact with brothers and sisters in Christ, getting to know each other better, being able to help one another out, and encouraging one another.

Prayer: Spending time praying for and with each other. This will include time to pray for our church and for each other, including specific needs within the group and special requests for the church family

Share: This time is designed to share time around the Word with each other. Our Care Group share time will be ‘sermon based,’ which means that the group will read a portion from Scripture, sometimes from the Sunday morning service itself and sometimes from a connected or similar passage. After that, the group will discuss the passage/message, go over a number of questions provided to dig deeper into the passage, and then together consider how God’s Word can apply to us in our daily lives. These questions will be provided ahead of time, to allow for preparation and prayer for this time.

Who should attend Care groups?
and…What about my kids/Young person?

Care Groups is for our church family. It is designed for those who want to be a part of what God is doing in the local church. As these ministries take place on Wednesday nights, we are encouraging the whole family to take part. Each Care Group will be determining its own childcare plan, based on the makeup of the group. We also want our young people to be involved in our Care Groups, including the discussion and prayer.

What is the Schedule?
We will resume care groups on January 10th 2024 through April 10th 2024

How do I sign up?

We want to encourage you to get signed up for Care Groups so we can be ready to go for the start of the next session! As we look to organize these groups, there will be a number of determining factors: geography, host home size, how many children will be attending, etc. We would encourage you to get signed up right away. We will follow up with the Care Group instructions in January.


What about Sunday Nights and Wednesday nights?

In determining the right times for this Care Groups ministry, we did not want to add an additional ministry night to our church calendar. So, in order to facilitate having our church families in homes on Wednesday nights, we have moved our Youth Group and GROW kids to Sunday nights. That puts all our children, youth, and adult Sunday night ministries at the church on Sunday nights at 6 pm. This change has also made it possible for us to have a year-round Youth Group ministry for our 7th-12th graders.