Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation will take place if it is determined that it is safer outside than inside the building (fire, explosion, intruder, hazardous material spill) and persons can safely reach the evacuation location without danger. The need to evacuate the building or a specific area of the building will be communicated to the building’s occupants by activating the fire alarm or by the public address (PA) system or bullhorn. Primary and secondary rally points have been established depending on the evacuation incident. These rally points meet the minimum distance requirements (50 feet for fire and 300 feet for bomb threat, explosion, chemical spill inside building, or other directed evacuations) necessary for student safety and provision of “working room” for emergency first responders. Upon arrival at the designated rally point, teachers will use their class rosters to take a head count of their students. Any missing or injured students will be immediately reported to the Incident Commander.

Emergency exit routes are diagrammed on the school floor plan drawing posted near the light switch in each room. The Incident Commander and teachers/safety team members will provide persons with instructions and assistance in evacuating the building. If the primary exit route is blocked or hazardous, the Incident Commander or church member responsible for the students will choose and communicate an alternative route. Communication when it is safe to re-enter the building or re-occupy a section of the school will be provided by the bell system, radio transmission, public address system, designated staff, or bull horn.

Parents should not seek to find students in the building when an evacuation is necessary.  Teachers and Safety personnel will safely guide students to rally points where parents are expected to meet and take responsibility of their children.  Rushing to classrooms will make a potentially dangerous situation only more dangerous.  The primary rally point is located to the north of the children’s playground area with the secondary point being west of the large mound north of the gymnasium.